From little things, big things grow…

How do you propagate kindness in your life? Today’s inspiration is about sharing love, opportunity, potential, time, support, wisdom, wealth, perspective to germinate gentility and grow good. Kindness is contagious and it is self-sustaining. My kindness to you wells joy within me because kindness is truth and integrity, facets of the human experience that needContinue reading “From little things, big things grow…”

Wild Horses…

There are moments of unbridled joy in our lives. The kind of experiences or events or situations that illicit that conscious desire to savour: to fuse to an object for storing in boxes under beds, to record on a cassette tap and devour the replay, to scrawl in the shallow space of a diary knowingContinue reading “Wild Horses…”

Today’s Vibe

It was a strange day over here, that’s for sure! The weather was in a mood. The toddler was in a mood. His mother was in a mood. Dinner was, however, a totally scrumptious plant-based success. And that is all it takes. A wonderfully silvery lining on this grey and grumbly day. Heinous looking skyContinue reading “Today’s Vibe”

Satisfy that Hunger

Whether you’re feeling literal or metaphorical in your interpretation of today’s prompt, you have full permission to explore your cravings. The beauty of reflecting on cravings is that it generates a consciousness regarding the body and its needs. On a recent visit to an acupuncturist, I was bombarded with questions regarding the state of myContinue reading “Satisfy that Hunger”

Wander in Wonder

There is something quite majestic about the power of the imagination to conjure other worlds, other moments, other possibilities. Let’s work the magic muscle as a catalyst for today’s chronicling. The possibilities are as varied and vivacious as we allow – wander on land or in sea, in memory or in make believe, in theContinue reading “Wander in Wonder”

Gratitude: The Gateway to Journalling Bliss

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that gratitude is the key to unlocking our potential. It accelerates those endorphins and channels our optimistic best because it positions us to look for the good. This prompt is not about dismissing all the other things we’ve got going on – I am hyper-aware of the spectrum of humanContinue reading “Gratitude: The Gateway to Journalling Bliss”