From little things, big things grow…

How do you propagate kindness in your life? Today’s inspiration is about sharing love, opportunity, potential, time, support, wisdom, wealth, perspective to germinate gentility and grow good.

Kindness is contagious and it is self-sustaining. My kindness to you wells joy within me because kindness is truth and integrity, facets of the human experience that need nurturing. By propagating kindness, I encourage growth.

Growth requires healthy foundations, preparations, practises. By increasing mindfulness in the form of handwritten journaling, elevated consciousness is nurtured through regular practise and becomes the key to propagating kindness in words and in deed.

Kindness is listening and understanding, it is patience and pragmatism, it is welcoming and warning, it is what is best for you beyond the immediate context of this moment – it is vision in the darkness and constancy amid change. However it appears in your life, act on it.

With hope that “one of a kind” metamorphoses into “mankind” and we learn to lessen the grip on the language that creates outliers.

Let it go. Let it grow.

You Gotta Have Faith

Sunday is for the faithful. Those with an unwavering commitment to honour and cherish their beliefs.

Our hurried lives are in much need of some slow and tender tributes to the faith inspiring facets of our existence. So today’s mindfulness is inspired by the desire to reacquaint with the righteous and religious, to revivify the values, to illuminate magnificence in all its forms.

And this our life, exempt from public haunt,

Finds tongues in trees, books in the running brooks,

Sermons in stones, and good in everything.

I would not change it.

Shakespeare, As You Like It

This is the essence of spiritual awakening – the noticing encouraged by the Natural world. The stories, the advice, the prophesying, the worship – it is this wondrous correlation between the natural world and our human nature that is at the heart of all that is valuable.

The creative energy in this relationship is phenomenal. Just to move in her breathing temples, to bask in her cathedrals of light and to bathe in the nourishing choirs of her birdsong is enough to inspire belief.

Relish it in your writing and in your life.

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Wild Horses…

There are moments of unbridled joy in our lives. The kind of experiences or events or situations that illicit that conscious desire to savour: to fuse to an object for storing in boxes under beds, to record on a cassette tap and devour the replay, to scrawl in the shallow space of a diary knowing the depth of emotion would reside between the lines for diving back into one day.

Today is that day.

Go there. Conjure the joy of that cherished moment and live it again in the details of the writing. Find that special symphony of colour and light and surrender to it. Find the ways to describe it that you missed before. Find the essence and the energy of that joyous recreation and hold it. Untamed and unbridled.

Let it run free.

Like your pen on that page.

Today’s Vibe

It was a strange day over here, that’s for sure!

The weather was in a mood. The toddler was in a mood. His mother was in a mood. Dinner was, however, a totally scrumptious plant-based success. And that is all it takes. A wonderfully silvery lining on this grey and grumbly day.

Heinous looking sky for much of the morning spread its tempestuousness inside and altered the afternoon mood even though we managed a marvellous nap session. Go figure. Those Romantics clearly understood the power of the Natural World to parallel the World within…

But even in this reflective write up, it is certainly clear that a mood is transient. We may not have managed a walk nor shared as many smiles as we typically do but we still found the sunshine:

Epic nap, reasonably sensational dinner, chunks of Christmas shopping complete, delicious cuddles and powerful lessons about patience and productivity. I’d call that a vibrant day.

Write now, you can improve your mood!

Weekend Write Up: Wither wander you?

Language is like a road, it cannot be perceived all at once because it unfolds in time, whether heard or read. This narrative or temporal element has made writing and walking resemble each other.

Rebecca Solnit, Wanderlust, A History of Walking

Masterful insights by observer extraordinaire and literary genius, Rebecca Solnit, draw the poetic parallels between wandering and wondering.

The marriage of mindfulness and meandering in the outdoors is, indeed, an antidote to the hectic pace of life as we know it. Leaving the familiar and the habitual behind and stepping into the timely tomes of Nature’s labyrinths drains chaos and charms the senses with a sophisticated symphony of sounds and sights.

Delight in it.

Draw on it as inspiration.

We walk in our local parks and wildlife areas, we stroll on shorelines and canter on cliff edges, we tread on community farm lands and we saunter home for our evening repose.

And we pay attention. We notice the colours and the clarity; the crispness of seasonal scents and the birdcall of hunger or loneliness; we adhere to the pathways and we boldly transgress in search of dandelions; we see the Moon in her many phases and moods and we point in awe; we notice.

And we reflect:

The peace of mind, the calm of spirit. The awakening from idleness to a renewed energy. The traversing of smallness to see the world at large – a loss of ego to embrace the eco.

Write it all!

And savour the magic of these moments as well as the collection of sand in our shoes or the insects interested in our world at home: the souvenirs of our sauntering are as vital as the adventure.

Cherish the Inner Child

Children collect joy.

It might come in the form of sticks at the park, or words they can pronounce, or moments in the garden exploring.

Whether we misunderstand it as nonsense or we attribute it with its powerful nuanced significance, adults so easily lose the sense of joy developed in childhood. Sometimes we crush it too early, stifling curiosity with numbing technology, or we numb ourselves with stress and obligation and judgement and fear and “adulting” and we forget the power of collecting.

So let’s not sabotage ourselves. Promoting a practise (it’s a verb!) of mindfulness should very deliberately conjure the dulled and dormant sensations inside us – it should focus on nourishing the body and the mind, releasing stress and flooding with joy.

Today’s prompt is a timely reminder of the power of the past. Our little selves are a vehicle for exploration and our journalling should bring this to light.

Go write now and remember with fondness…

And let us know your treasured childhood collections in the comments.

Satisfy that Hunger

Whether you’re feeling literal or metaphorical in your interpretation of today’s prompt, you have full permission to explore your cravings.

The beauty of reflecting on cravings is that it generates a consciousness regarding the body and its needs.

On a recent visit to an acupuncturist, I was bombarded with questions regarding the state of my body and how I was not registering in my brain the ways my body was responding to stress.

When our focus is elsewhere – let’s face it, it is rare to place full concentration on ourselves! – we ignore the signs of need and this can readily amount to a sort of paralysis. Eventually we numb the sign systems that are typically warning us to slow down, to reconnect, to stop.

Today’s prompt is an antidote to a socially stigmatised dis-ease. Stop for a few moments. Breathe deeply. And think about the needs of your body.

How will you satiate that hunger write now?

Wander in Wonder

There is something quite majestic about the power of the imagination to conjure other worlds, other moments, other possibilities.

Let’s work the magic muscle as a catalyst for today’s chronicling.

The possibilities are as varied and vivacious as we allow – wander on land or in sea, in memory or in make believe, in the small shoes of yesteryear or the familiar footsteps of yesterday.

Whatever way you use your prompt, celebrate the power of your mind and embrace the opportunity to escape write now.

We would love to hear where the prompt takes you… share as little or as much as you like!

Gratitude: The Gateway to Journalling Bliss

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that gratitude is the key to unlocking our potential. It accelerates those endorphins and channels our optimistic best because it positions us to look for the good.

This prompt is not about dismissing all the other things we’ve got going on – I am hyper-aware of the spectrum of human emotion in play today and everyday. But amidst the chaos is an opportunity to flourish. Don’t focus on the stress because the ink won’t flow. Trust me.

Like attracts like.

If your pen is poised and panicked, it’s likely because your brain is being bombarded with busyness and bullshit. So shift the focus to flow.

I like to think about the rippling effect of dropping that gratitude stone on the pristine pool of your page. The first sentence will prompt the next and eventually the gratitude will flow like your pen. Like every good metaphor, the tides of change require patience and understanding. Take it slow so you don’t drown in expectation.

Start write now…