Parents Club

Chronicling the parenthood journey requires special attention, which is why we are dedicating a space for those who belong to the Club.

We hope you find the inspiration you need to keep that Baby Book brimming with anecdotes and your personal journals bubbling over with honesty, integrity and perspective.

Let us help.

One of the greatest gifts I received as a part of my pregnancy celebrations was a Baby Book. Linen bound, embossed, a ripple of pristine pages. I was excited to journal about this significant stage of my life, keen to documents the development of our blossoming bundle of new.

I may have had the desire to write, but words often failed. I found myself pressed for time and struggling to remember the details of specific moments worth chronicling – even though I spent so much of my day thinking that THIS would be a perfect addition to the Baby Book! Alas…

The disconnection between the desire and the deed often resulted in rushed notes and more time spent thinking about all the things I should’ve mentioned when I had the chance. Even the prompts of my beautiful book were too general, too vague – “my favourite toys are…”, “I like to eat…” – and because they were repeated month by month, all I was really achieving was a shopping list.

And it struck me that in years to come my son would have questions about his life before his own memories were fully accessible. He would be fascinated by our interactions, his preferences, the ways we showed love, his idiosyncrasies. I wanted the intimate portrait.

Note It Now is a response to mumbrain or sleep deprivation or prioritising or whatever ails parents and their ability to write the early life of their babies. And I hope these personal prompts help you to feel all the marvellousness of this miraculous time. I hope it’s an awakening for you and your burgeoning identity as a parent, a balm for the disconnections you might feel from the old life or from reality, a comforting reminder that there was more than one birth worth celebrating.

But more than all that, I truly hope these prompts are the beginning of powerful stories to connect to our future selves and our grown babies – sharing stories to unify and comfort, in love.

Newborn Note Inspiration

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