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Note It Now was born out of an experiential stalemate. Looking to savour the personal journey of motherhood and commit the emotions and actions of her family to paper to enjoy in years to come, Nin was confronted by brain fog (or fear) about making memories into meaningful reflections.

Channeling her years of experience guiding, nurturing, editing and refining written expression, Nin started prompting her own journalling. Using questions and cues to prompt the thought process, Note It Now advocates for the perfectly imperfect practice of chronicling our lives as they are write now.

So pick up your pen and start scrolling!

Show us your style write now!

“I wanted to write in my journal but couldn’t bring myself to. There are so many shades to what passed through me in those days. And I would shrink from committing myself to paper because the light would change before the word was out, the ink was dry.”

Audre Lorde

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