From little things, big things grow…

How do you propagate kindness in your life? Today’s inspiration is about sharing love, opportunity, potential, time, support, wisdom, wealth, perspective to germinate gentility and grow good.

Kindness is contagious and it is self-sustaining. My kindness to you wells joy within me because kindness is truth and integrity, facets of the human experience that need nurturing. By propagating kindness, I encourage growth.

Growth requires healthy foundations, preparations, practises. By increasing mindfulness in the form of handwritten journaling, elevated consciousness is nurtured through regular practise and becomes the key to propagating kindness in words and in deed.

Kindness is listening and understanding, it is patience and pragmatism, it is welcoming and warning, it is what is best for you beyond the immediate context of this moment – it is vision in the darkness and constancy amid change. However it appears in your life, act on it.

With hope that “one of a kind” metamorphoses into “mankind” and we learn to lessen the grip on the language that creates outliers.

Let it go. Let it grow.

Published by NIN | note it now

Mindfulness Muse • Journalling Junkie • Word Warrior • Ink Influencer • Alliteration Addict Guiding genuine journal jotting & harmonising head, heart and handwriting since 2020.

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