Today’s Vibe

It was a strange day over here, that’s for sure!

The weather was in a mood. The toddler was in a mood. His mother was in a mood. Dinner was, however, a totally scrumptious plant-based success. And that is all it takes. A wonderfully silvery lining on this grey and grumbly day.

Heinous looking sky for much of the morning spread its tempestuousness inside and altered the afternoon mood even though we managed a marvellous nap session. Go figure. Those Romantics clearly understood the power of the Natural World to parallel the World within…

But even in this reflective write up, it is certainly clear that a mood is transient. We may not have managed a walk nor shared as many smiles as we typically do but we still found the sunshine:

Epic nap, reasonably sensational dinner, chunks of Christmas shopping complete, delicious cuddles and powerful lessons about patience and productivity. I’d call that a vibrant day.

Write now, you can improve your mood!

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Mindfulness Muse • Journalling Junkie • Word Warrior • Ink Influencer • Alliteration Addict Guiding genuine journal jotting & harmonising head, heart and handwriting since 2020.

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