Weekend Write Up: Wither wander you?

Language is like a road, it cannot be perceived all at once because it unfolds in time, whether heard or read. This narrative or temporal element has made writing and walking resemble each other.

Rebecca Solnit, Wanderlust, A History of Walking

Masterful insights by observer extraordinaire and literary genius, Rebecca Solnit, draw the poetic parallels between wandering and wondering.

The marriage of mindfulness and meandering in the outdoors is, indeed, an antidote to the hectic pace of life as we know it. Leaving the familiar and the habitual behind and stepping into the timely tomes of Nature’s labyrinths drains chaos and charms the senses with a sophisticated symphony of sounds and sights.

Delight in it.

Draw on it as inspiration.

We walk in our local parks and wildlife areas, we stroll on shorelines and canter on cliff edges, we tread on community farm lands and we saunter home for our evening repose.

And we pay attention. We notice the colours and the clarity; the crispness of seasonal scents and the birdcall of hunger or loneliness; we adhere to the pathways and we boldly transgress in search of dandelions; we see the Moon in her many phases and moods and we point in awe; we notice.

And we reflect:

The peace of mind, the calm of spirit. The awakening from idleness to a renewed energy. The traversing of smallness to see the world at large – a loss of ego to embrace the eco.

Write it all!

And savour the magic of these moments as well as the collection of sand in our shoes or the insects interested in our world at home: the souvenirs of our sauntering are as vital as the adventure.

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