Satisfy that Hunger

Whether you’re feeling literal or metaphorical in your interpretation of today’s prompt, you have full permission to explore your cravings.

The beauty of reflecting on cravings is that it generates a consciousness regarding the body and its needs.

On a recent visit to an acupuncturist, I was bombarded with questions regarding the state of my body and how I was not registering in my brain the ways my body was responding to stress.

When our focus is elsewhere – let’s face it, it is rare to place full concentration on ourselves! – we ignore the signs of need and this can readily amount to a sort of paralysis. Eventually we numb the sign systems that are typically warning us to slow down, to reconnect, to stop.

Today’s prompt is an antidote to a socially stigmatised dis-ease. Stop for a few moments. Breathe deeply. And think about the needs of your body.

How will you satiate that hunger write now?

Published by NIN | note it now

Mindfulness Muse • Journalling Junkie • Word Warrior • Ink Influencer • Alliteration Addict Guiding genuine journal jotting & harmonising head, heart and handwriting since 2020.

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