Gratitude: The Gateway to Journalling Bliss

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that gratitude is the key to unlocking our potential. It accelerates those endorphins and channels our optimistic best because it positions us to look for the good.

This prompt is not about dismissing all the other things we’ve got going on – I am hyper-aware of the spectrum of human emotion in play today and everyday. But amidst the chaos is an opportunity to flourish. Don’t focus on the stress because the ink won’t flow. Trust me.

Like attracts like.

If your pen is poised and panicked, it’s likely because your brain is being bombarded with busyness and bullshit. So shift the focus to flow.

I like to think about the rippling effect of dropping that gratitude stone on the pristine pool of your page. The first sentence will prompt the next and eventually the gratitude will flow like your pen. Like every good metaphor, the tides of change require patience and understanding. Take it slow so you don’t drown in expectation.

Start write now…

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Mindfulness Muse • Journalling Junkie • Word Warrior • Ink Influencer • Alliteration Addict Guiding genuine journal jotting & harmonising head, heart and handwriting since 2020.

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