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Note It Now

At Home With Handwriting

The penultimate prelude to juicy journalling, offering inspiration and guidance to master mindfulness.

Ink Influencer

Handwriting is a sensory experience. It is mindfulness in action. Every sweep and stroke of the pen is a commitment to putting thought on paper. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be. In this way, our written work becomes a relic of ourselves in this moment, a testimony of our lives to be treasured in years to come.

Mindfulness Muse

When the mind is full, we need an outlet and journalling is a genuine form of fostering thoughtfulness and insight. Sometimes it can be a challenge to channel our thoughts. Note It Now is the inspiration you need.

A Helping Hand

With years of experience channeling imagination into action and refining written expression, we offer personalised services in proofreading and editing, writer’s workshops and professional assistance in developing the craft of writing. Contact us with your needs and we can customise a plan to suit.

“It can be a comfort sometimes to know that there is a world which is purely one’s own — the experience in that world, of travel, danger, happiness, is shared with no one else. There are no witnesses.”

Graham Greene

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